Clas-SiC combines some of the best and most experienced talent in the industry, state of the art Silicon Carbide facilities, unique design to manufacture processes and technical know-how to drive innovation in the semiconductor power industry. 

About Clas-SiC 

Clas-SiC Wafer Fab is the world’s first dedicated open foundry to manufacture Silicon Carbide power semi-conductors. We operate from our custom built and fully fitted out ISO Class 5 clean room facility, with state of the art 150mm semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Silicon Carbide (SiC) wafer and compound semiconductor technology is fast emerging as the key enabler in smaller, lighter and more energy efficient power systems of the future. Growth has historically resulted from adoption of SiC diodes, and more recently MOSFETS in renewable energy applications, and greener more efficient air conditioning systems. Demand is outstripping supply with growth set to increase exponentially as the technology is adopted across global initiatives for more efficient energy conversion in fields such as Automotive, Rail, Wind, PV and Aviation.

Clas-SiC provides accelerated R&D and time to market for new device designs. 

We have invested in low to medium scale SiC production capacity to deliver time to market advantage. Customer R&D is supported by over 200 man-years of Silicon Carbide processing expertise. A library of “off the shelf” Process Module IP has been created to minimise technical risk and optimise both R&D cycles and manufacturability. 

Our award-winning manufacturing facilities in Lochgelly, Fife, currently employ over 50 staff, the majority being amongst the most highly skilled Silicon Carbide processing engineers in the world.

Clas-SiC Values

Clas-SiC is a great place to work. The Company’s Seven Values underpin everything we do. 

  • Customer First. We want to understand customer needs so that we can deliver products and services that fully meet their expectations on time 
  • Open Communication. You will find that our leadership and employee teams are approachable and engaged if you’ve got new ideas, concerns to express, or problems that need to be solved. 
  • We behave with Honesty and Integrity in support of our customers and our company goals.  We respect others and are highly motivated to help others whenever we can. 
  • Our work is challenging and often difficult, but this is what drives us to embrace everyday Continuous Improvement and Learning
  • Teamwork is important to us.  We rely on and work together with each other, with our customers, with our suppliers, with our investors and in our community. 
  • We Manage by the Facts.
  • We manage the risks in our business to provide a Safe, Clean and Ordered Workplace to the benefit of our employees, customers, suppliers, community and the environment.

Specialised Expertise, State of the Art SiC Facilities, Design to Manufacture Processes    

From concept to prototype to manufacture.