Clas-SiC’s low to medium scale SiC production capacity delivers time to market advantage. 

Clas-SiC Capabilities 

Customer R&D is supported by over 200 man-years of Silicon Carbide processing expertise. We have created a library of “off the shelf” Process Module IP to minimise technical risk and optimise both R&D cycles and manufacturability. 

Clas-SiC’s toolset is fully capable of processing 150mm SiC wafers through JBS/MPS diode and MOSFET flows.  

We welcome approaches to discuss fabrication of other SiC devices. 

We are also happy to facilitate partial processing of wafers (eg laser scribe, ion implant, carbon cap anneal). 

In-house Capabilities 

LaserscribeBoth Si and SiC capable
Photolithographyi-line Photolithography down to 0.5um
Polyimide(negative acting photodefinable) and cure.
Plasma oxide/nitride etchLAM4520
Plasma silicon/polysilicon/SiC target etchLAM9400
Plasma metal etchLAM9600
Resist stripPlasma ash, Piranha and solvent strip
Wet etchVarious wet metal, oxide, polysilicon etches available
Pre-furnace cleanMercury acid processor
Oxidation furnacesTemperature up to 1300°C, gases N2, O2, H2, N2O, NO, Cl source
LPCVD furnacesPolysilicon, silicon nitride, low temperature oxide (LTO)
Polysilicon DopingFurnace Diffusion
Implant annealCentrotherm Activator, capable of 1750°C
Rapid Thermal AnnealMattson 2800 – capable of 1250°C, gases N2, Ar, forming gas
PECVDSilane oxide, TEOS oxide, Silicon Nitride
SputterNi, Ti, TiW, Al, AlCu
Back sputterSTS XM90 with Ti, Ni, Ag capability
Ion ImplantULVAC IH-860PSiC. N, P, Al ions up to 400keV with 1.2MeV available via multiple charge ions.
Temperature room to 600°C. Beam parallel within ±0.3°, twist 0-360°, tilt 0-60°
Wafer Thinning175um available
Back side laser annealProcess available now
TestAutomated test, up to 10kV reverse and 500A forward, pulsed
CharacterisationCarl Zeiss Sigma SEM with EDX

Process Design, Innovation and Manufacturing for Silicon Carbide Devices  

From concept to prototype to manufacture.