Clas-SiC enables customers to make the leap from lab to fab, to low/medium production volumes through fast development and prototyping of new SiC devices. 

Clas-SiC Solutions 

We support customers all the way through development, seeding samples, up to medium volume production, after which we would actively facilitate transfer to a high volume foundry partner. 

Reliability proven SiC Process Design Kits (PDK’s) are available for planar MOSFETs and JBS/MPS diodes.

Clas-SiC offers not only device processing but also process module solutions as well as individual process capabilities. 

Process Design Kits Released

1200V MOSFET Process Design Kit – reliability proven
1700V MOSFET Process Design Kit – reliability proven
3300V MOSFET Process Design Kit – reliability proven
JBS/MPS Diode Design Kit – reliability proven

Process Modules

Alignment target 
Implant hard mask 
Carbon cap implant anneal
MOSFET gate dielectric and gate polysilicon
Backside ohmic contact
Frontside n+ and p+ ohmic contacts
Schottky contact
MOSFET gate and source contacts
Power metal
Backside tri-metal
Wafer test
Prototype reliability of packaged parts
Thinned wafer backside ohmic contact

SiC Devices, Silicon Carbide Foundry, Sub-contract Services, Fast Prototyping 

From concept to prototype to manufacture.